Technical Service Providers

Iowa's Technical Service Provider (TSP) process is intended to help professionals provide technical assistance to landowners and farmers under one of the Farm Bill conservation programs. Why Become a Certified TSP?

The demand for technical assistance to do conservation work, including conservation planning and design, installation and checkout of approved conservation practices, is increasing and will exceed the current staffing capacity of the NRCS. Iowa's Technical Service Provider (TSP) process is intended to provide assistance to agricultural professionals who wish to provide technical assistance to landowners and farmers. Additional information on TSP registration and certification is found on this page as well as on the USDA/NRCS TechReg website.

How to Become a TSP

Use the tools provided below to complete the TSP registration and certification process, as well as to identify and complete the required NRCS online training. Instructions for establishing an e-government account are available on this page. Once you establish your e-government account, you must visit your local USDA Service Center where your identity will be validated using a picture ID. (See a map and find NRCS offices in Iowa.). Once your account has been activated, you will be able to log-in to TechReg using the user ID and password you created. 

Certification is dependent on meeting specific educational, experience and training criteria. NRCS has online training available at AgLearn to assist you in meeting TSP category requirements. Instructions for AgLearn registration are available on this page. National certification requirements for some TSP categories may include completion of state-specific classroom training.  

TSP certification information, checklists and fact sheets are available below. You may begin the registration process through the TechReg website at

Producer Reimbursement for Using TSP Services

A program participant is always given the option of utilizing the services of a TSP, however, reimbursement for part, or all, of the cost of hiring a TSP is dependent upon available funding. In addition, the program participant must hire a service provider who has completed the USDA/NRCS TSP certification process, is certified in the correct category, and has completed the certification process prior to the commencement of work activities.

The Animal Manure Management Monthly newsletter (PDF) contains news updates issues impacting TSPs working with nutrient management planning, writing CNMPs and DNR planning.

TSP Prescribed Burn/CAP112 Training
October 28-30, 2014
Holiday Inn Express, Lexington, NE
No Cost

A training event for TSP certification in prescribed burns / Conservation Activity Plan 112 (Prescribed Burn Management Plan) is set for October 28-30, 2014.  Dana Larsen, National TSP team coordinator, and Chuck Stanley, National Range Coordinator, will be leading this training event along with Nebraska NRCS staff.   

Day 1 training (October 28, 2014) includes:

TSP certification (required training courses);

Programs Information – EQIP by NE NRCS;

Prescribed Burn Standard - education; and

Prescribed burn plan / CAP112 criteria and development. 

Days 2 & 3 (October 29-30) are 16 hours of NRCS approved basic fire behavior/prescribed burning training.  (Note: Individuals wanting to become certified in prescribed burn / CAP 112 must complete at a minimum 16 hours of classroom training.)  If you have questions on verification of completed classroom training certification, please contact Renee Hancock at the number below.

Space is limited to 35 participants.  Participants are asked to bring laptops for TSP Certification.  Also bring any existing prescribed burn plans for review and certification.  Three plans are required for by NRCS for certification.

Registration Information:

Renee HancockNebraska NRCS – Lincoln State OfficeState Water Quality Specialist & TSP CoordinatorPhone

TSP Contacts in Iowa

TSP & AgLearn Coordinator eAuthentication Coordinator
Judy Martinson
210 Walnut Street
Room 693
Des Moines, IA 50309
Phone: 515-323-2229
Fax: 515-284-4767
Jaia Fischer
210 Walnut Street
Room 693
Des Moines, IA 50309
Phone: 515-284-4353
Fax: 515-284-4394

TSP Resources

Several courses required for TSP certification have been removed from the AgLearn website so that they can be updated. The following link will provide directions for accessing those courses. Be sure to follow the directions and print out a certificate of completion.  (PDF, 22 KB)